About Riverbed

Hi, there! My name is Sharon Cosgrove, and I’ve been shaping content around causes that matter for more than two decades. Some of my favorites are education and youth development, the Christian journey, and historical fiction. My career has brought me alongside some terrific people and allowed me to hone my communications craft.
I’ve devoted this blog to helping others strengthen their writing and promotional skills. Search my inventory in the How to Write Killer Blogs series, or shoot me a line to request more specific guidance. We’re all in this boat together.
Let me know how I can help!
Riverbed is your source for creative marketing. With customized promotional products to meet your needs, Riverbed will set you on your way and allow you to get back to writing. Whether you’re looking for a way to optimize the user experience on your website or you want to promote your newest release, my talents are at the ready!