Worlds Unknown


3 for 3. Last installment on the 3-Day Quote Challenge! Thanks again to Scribbled Dreams for the nomination – I’ve made new friends along the way and enjoyed myself immensely.

C.S. Lewis is my final choice in the quote challenge – his words have taken me to new places and are ripe with symbolism. Writer, poet, critic, philosopher, this great man humbly recognized the Eternal in his purpose, his writing, his life.

How many lives has Lewis touched with his writing? How many will you? Take heart, dear writer, your words matter. And like Lewis, you will go on touching lives long after you’ve put down your pen. We speak from what we know, what we believe. What story will your life tell?

Stay tuned for final nominations in this challenge 😀



6 thoughts on “Worlds Unknown

    • Oh, my goodness. What a find! Thank you, Truly! I am so blessed in this community and grateful for the freedom to be myself. I’m having a little trouble keeping up with all this abundance lately 🙂 Just starting a new job, and torn between the wonderful blogosphere and preparing for work. Your kindness reminds me why this has been a priority for me!

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  1. well I concur with Jess! I have really enjoyed reading your posts and happy that Jess spread the love this way. Nice to find another lovely blog to follow around. If I accidentally step on your heels forgive me..I just put on my hubbies shoes cause the cat is sleeping in one of mine and I don’t want to disturb the lil bugger.

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    • Suze, you are dangerous – your wild sense of humor just unleashes something in me. Oh, never mind, that was just my bobby pin. We have three furry children (my daughter now shaves her legs, so I took her off the list)… and they rule the roost, as much as my husband and I complain about them. Thankful for you, for your wacky perspective and your words of encouragement!

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