Feeding a Flame

Laser-sharp vision. Ruthless determination despite the obstacles. Have you got what it takes to realize your dream? It’s hard work, and wavering simply won’t cut it (I’m talking to myself now).

But there is direction along this path, and inspiration: I discovered a gem this morning, and I am astonished at the clarity of this blogger’s charge. It wiped the sleep out of my eyes and left me naked, without excuse. Embarrassed that I’m dilly-dallying when there is too little time. Hope this strikes a chord for you as it has for me!


If you have a dream, a passion, a hope embedded in your heard, chase after it with blinding intensity. The only hindrance in this place we call life is a demon called doubt. It will rob you of any potential success you could ever hope to have. This demon will ransack your mind and leave it a wasteland of broken prospects. It will not be easy to continue this path; it’s a treacherous one. However, those who didn’t stray made it to the other side as victors. They even elongate their paths, their pain, because they realize that there are no limitations anymore. Once they completed one checkpoint, an array of others was opened up to them. The cure for limitations, for hindrances, is persistence. The result of persistence is eventual success, and success destroys doubt. With that being said, if you aren’t willing to continue pushing on through this cycle…

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